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We can offer different ways of helping with packing for moving home.

First is full packing service where usual packers come day before moving date and pack everything for you. Everything means you will have no tooth brush next morning in hand. Also if there is anything you wanted to give to charity or away for friends, will be packed too. Also the overall cost of move is greater as on many occasions packing double total cost.

Other think is you feel like durring X-mass when you unpack boxes, finding things you even forgot you had. 

This options usual is recommneded to busy working couples or famielies with small babies where packing may take even few weeks, that's why you should pack at least two weeks in advance when you decide to option called;

"I will pack my self, I can do it :) " 

On this occasion there is option to lend some boxes from Leovan and even get some free packing matterials, when nicelly asked :)

but only for local moves as boxes need to be returned to Leovan.

There be also deposit required for boxes (usual £100) on delivery paid cash to driver. 

Part packing maybe usefull for some, as you might know pack kitchen and fragiles may take long time even for few packers to pack, than if you are able pack things you don't use before moving day, we can help with this difficult bits of packing. 

Last minute packing  usual for small properties with no great amount of belongings to be packed, on this occasion leovan need to be notified to make sure team has boxes and packing materials in hand on vehicles. 


Always remember to ask for some tips for packing and make sure boxes are not to heavy and you are able to lift them your self, than we be able to move them for you. Check our tips


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Preparation and planning are essential components of a successful, cost-effective move. Save time with tips.

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